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IN DECEMBER 2015, we asked for favorite children’s books.  Here are some responses:

*Just So Stories (read around the campfire at Calaveras Big Trees State Park); Little Lord Fauntleroy; Grimm’s Fairy Tales

*The Borrower’s series by Mary Norton. She brought that world so completely to life for me. I then read the books to my son, who used a screwdriver to ‘make a new door’ in the wall for the Borrowers. Even now I still love to re-read them and go back into that world. This is a great post, and Barbara was so right – you do have to bring the magic with you. And then carry it with you and never forget it.

*AND ANOTHER VOTE FOR: The Borrowers’ series by Mary Norton. I still re-read them now, many, many years after saving pennies to buy them.

*The Bushbaby by William Stevenson. Really great adventure set in Africa.

*ok(deep breath) Mike Mulligan and Mary Ann, How Georgina Drove the Car Very Carefully.Tacky the Penguin, Andrew’s Bath, Lottie’s Beach Towel, Junkyard Wonders, Ten Seconds Til Bedtime, God Got A Dog, Could Be Worse!, Larky Mavis, Guess Who’s Babysitting?, Miss Rumphius, Nana Upstairs, Nana Downstairs, Santa Claus the World’s Number One Toy Expert, Norman the Doorman, Moving Molly, Chysanthemum, Dinosaur Bob, A Letter For Amy, The Mysterious Tadpole, Frederick, My Brother’s Book, A Hole is to Dig, Eloise, Bad Day At Riverbend, and Noisy Nora

*The Sea Serpent & Me…It’s by Dashka Slater – about a little girl who befriends a little, lost sea serpent – very sweet. 🙂

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