To any friends and fans who might have wound up with some of Barbara’s vintage collection:  we’d love to see you in costume, or to see how you fixed up any part of the collection you might have gotten!  (Because of logistics and the size of the collection, the home crew couldn’t go through all the items and photograph or catalog them.  But we know for sure that we have pics of Barbara in some of the items, so we can trade photos….)


Here, for example is the white cowboy hat that was sold at the auction, and …..

MPM-Barbara-with-Guitar (1)MPM-Night-Train-to-Memphis

…. here you see Barbara wearing the hat as she tries to get us to believe she is actually a country-and-western singer.  (It looks like this was a time when she was really into southwestern jewelry, although she certainly started being interested much earlier, while visiting her parents out in Arizona.) …..aaaaand, look who else is wearing a very similar hat on the cover of Last Train to Memphis!  (Photo credit for the picture of Barbara is to Kristen Whitbread, and for the pictures as formatted here to William Joy… thanks!)

SO if anyone has pics of recently acquired EP vintage stuff, please send them to us at

(and let us know if it’s okay with you for us to post them!)