Continuing our saga of the MPM Manor cats, we promised to tell you about Gandalf.  Here he is fiercely claiming the chair he’s in as his own.  (One of us had the temerity to suggest that we might like to sit there.)  (It’s actually one of the kitchen table chairs where friends and family sat for meals.) (Silly us.)  More on the battle for the chair later in this post….


Although Barbara was a Tolkein lover, Gandalf got his name not from her, but from a good friend of Barbara’s who gave this cat to her.  Like many cats with his coloring (at least according to Barbara!), Gandalf was deaf.  This did not diminish his spirits or energy one bit.  In fact, he delighted in knocking heavy items off of high places — apparently to enjoy the vibrations that followed as they smashed.  And like Beethoven (???) he enjoyed lying on the piano and messing with the strings.  (Okay, we may be stretching this simile just a bit ….)

He was so persistent that Barbara wound up having to cement some items to her windowsills, including the canopic jars that graced the windowsill in her bathroom.  (No worries, they were empty!)  Just for fun, here are some pictures of that bathroom:


As Barbara noted in her newsletter, Gandalf was “unfortunately … extremely friendly and morbidly fascinated by vehicles of all sorts. We had to put up signs reading ‘Deaf Cat’, since he had a tendency to rush out and fling himself down in front of cars and trucks.”   The sign must have worked, as nobody ever hit him.

His persistence is evident in his eventual triumph in the battle for the chair:

Us: gentle hint, tipping chair, time to move ….  Gandalf: “Can you believe this crap?!?”


Chair seat is now vertical, chair on its side on the floor … Gandalf: “YOU. SHALL NOT. SIT!!!” (Actually, he’s probably more like Gollum:  “Nooooo!  It’s mine!  My precious chair!!!!!”)


Let’s just say, Barbara’s cats were just a wee bit entitled.

**And in our next post, Gandalf’s first owner, a bookstore maniac, shares his BOOKSHELF pics!