“I knew Sethos well. Only too well, Emerson would say; my strange rapport with that brilliant, tormented man was the source of my husband’s jealousy.”  SEEING A LARGE CAT

With the shift to September, we’re changing gears a bit here at MPM Manor (see new Barbara photo-of-the-season on our Twitter feed).  As that new Barbara photo indicates, we’re focusing on the mystery-author-who-adored-cats for a little while.  *We’ll archive the previous Twitter photos on our new “Photo Archives” page*

And so we thought we’d introduce some of the beloved MPM Manor cats.

And who better to start off this little adventure than Sethos!?  Barbara always said that some cats just appear when they need you … that’s certainly what happened with Sethos.  He showed up on day when she was sitting on a bench in her garden and started to make friends.  Always more an outdoor than indoor cat, he remained a bit of a mystery — neither feral nor completely tame.  (How appropriate!)


Prone to turning on people if they patted him too long, Sethos was always more attached to Barbara than anyone else.  He especially liked to return to the bench where they first met for occasional patting sessions, an oddly sentimental gesture from a generally crusty old guy.  (He outlived Barbara by some months, and was cared for tenderly, but was clearly annoyed and disappointed that none of us were …. well, her.)

You can find an earlier picture of him in an MPM newsletter (although the text mostly focuses on his sibling Gandalf — more on G later!).  Barbara always said that Sethos would likely just disappear back into the woods whence he came some day — but it turned out that he stuck around til the end, on both counts.  Two tough old coots!

“As for Sethos’s motives, they were equally transparent.  He was taunting me:  announcing his presence, defying me to stop him …. His sense of humor was decidedly peculiar.”  HE SHALL THUNDER IN THE SKY

“Thanks to your inveterate habit of meddling, my dearest Peabody, things did not work out quite as Sethos had planned….” SNAKE, CROCODILE, DOG