…speaking of ON THE NILE, IN STYLE, readers may remember that Amelia’s  favorite way of traveling the Nile was … in a dahabeeyah (or, if you prefer, a dahabeah, dahabiah, dahabiya, dahabiyahdhahabiyya, dahabiyeh or dahabieh) ….

“On my first trip to Egypt I had traveled by dahabeeyah.  The elegance and charm of that mode of travel can only be dimly imagined by those who have not experienced it.”  Amelia, in The Curse of the Pharaohs

The attached pictures show Barbara enjoying a dahabeeyah trip in 2003 (thanks to Ray Johnson!) — along with an antique photograph of a dahabeeyah courtesy of William Joy and his mother, from their extensive collection.  William reports that the photo was made on the Nile, around 1875 — and that several Egyptologists looking at it have wondered whether a shadowy woman who appears in the picture might be Amelia Edwards (the daring woman after whom Amelia Peabody was named)…..   Could that be a parasol in her hand…..???

Looking at these pictures, some of us have wondered …. really, how many people could travel together on a dahabeeyah???  (And how friendly would they have to be with one another????)